Robot Envy began as a New Year’s resolution. I wanted to start 2012 with a new creative project and I wanted to do something different. Inspired by a childhood filled with robot toys, cartoons and comic books; I figured this was a good place to start. I’ve always drawn robots; my friends seemed to enjoy them and a few of them said, “dude, just do a book of robots!” So my new creative project was formed. What is Robot Envy? The first book is a bunch drawings and sketches that attempts to pay homage to a few of my childhood heroes. Cartoon greats like Mazinger, Robotech, Dynamo Joe, Appleseed and, more recently, WALL•E really impacted my interests. I am inspired and humbled by the talents of Doug Rice, Masamune Shirow, Kawamori Shoji, Feng Zhu and many, many others.

It was successfully funded through Kickstarter. The next step was the planning the book and (more importantly) presenting the book. Tons of robot books have been done before, and I wanted to make sure my book to stood out. A colleague introduced me to Clibe and their promotional book made by Scout Books. I picked up the book, saw the ink, felt the quality and immediately thought, “this is my book.” I knew I wanted Scout Books to produce Robot Envy.

The second book, entitled: Robot Envy: Reconstruction is a sketchbook that is all new, 100% exclusive robot sketches and designs by Robot Envy founder, Dave Pasciuto. Robot Envy: Zenith is available at Magnetic Press!

ROBOT ENVY has now grown into a unique Robot Art Gallery and Community. A community created for the love and appreciation of Robot Art, developed by artists for artists!

Questions? Shoot us an email here!